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STEM Taster Day for TKZ

Bringing STEM to life.

Answering the question: "When will I ever use this in real life?"

What We Do
STEM Taster Day for TKZ

What We Do.

Using the cutting-edge worlds of the Automotive Industry, Motorsport and EdTech as the inspirational focus of STEM, has enabled Espire to develop an educational experience like no other.


Developing students through learning experiences such as dismantling and rebuilding an internal-combustion engine, to sawing open a racing tyre to see its construction, all the way to understanding the electrical motor that will eventually shape our future.

  • The programme is a hybrid of hands-on & digital content, showcasing the real application of the main-stream school subjects.

  • The immersive online course takes students on a gamified race-weekend, in which they choose a character and become a full race engineer.

  • All designed at every point to directly enhance the traditional classroom subjects and support the national curriculum.


Our School Workshops

Key benefits of our STEM workshops:

  • Develops Practical Skills through hands-on activities that empower students to apply learning in real-world scenarios.

  • Academic Rigour that ensures our programme seamlessly integrates with classroom learning.​

  • Expert STEM facilitators, who are qualified, passionate educators from relevant STEM fields to inspire the next generation of innovators.

  • Gamified Design that utilises cutting-edge technology for interactive and dynamic learning.

  • Immersive activities through STEM applications that truly engage the learners.

Together, let's bring STEM to life.

Image by John Schnobrich

This isn’t just STEM – this is future-proofing our young people.

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