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STEM Taster Day for TKZ

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It's time to kickstart the STEM revolution.

Our Story

Our Story.

Our aim is to provide our STEM programmes in a range of different formats and to suit every budget, including immersive and engaging digital learning that can be completed remotely as pre-learning for practical elements. Or gamified courses that learners can complete at home. The digitalisation of elements of the course enable us to scale our offering and expand to a wider audience.

Now is the time to make that fundamental shift in the way we educate our young people. We need a method of education that truly serves them in our modern world. One that not only provides them with the necessary skills and qualifications, but ignites genuine excitement and inspiration. Let's bring STEM to life.

Image by Nicolas Peyrol

We have one simple goal:

To bring STEM to life, to make it real, to make it relevant.

Our Founding Team

In an educational landscape where design and user experience are often relegated to the background, we've made it our mission to bring them to the forefront. Combining our expertise in education, motorsport, and learning design, we've meticulously crafted STEM programmes that offer an immersive, enjoyable, and exceptionally engaging learning experience.

Together, as a united force, we're dedicated to driving the STEM revolution forward. We're thrilled to have you join us on this transformative journey, where innovative design and unparalleled educational experiences take centre stage.

Our Team
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Teacher, race engineer, 

passionate educator.

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Head of Networks & Partnerships,

Educational professional supporting the next generation of diverse STEM professionals.

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Digital learning expert with 10 years experience producing immersive, award winning, digital learning content.

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Current Projects.

Empowering Education. Through Social Enterprise.

Espire is more than an educational provider – we're a social enterprise dedicated to making a positive impact. Beyond profits, our focus is on enriching the lives of students, educators, and communities.

Let’s Work Together

Trading Address

59, Elmley Cottage, High Street, Bugbrooke, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, NN7 3P

Tel: +44 7814 274241

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